Houses in Multiple Occupation

A property is classed as an HMO if three or more unrelated persons rent the same home, possibly sharing facilities like bathrooms and kitchens. Not all properties are suitable to be HMO’s and there are a number of extra regulations and costs but HMO’s can be substantially more profitable in comparison to standard residential lets. HMO’s have more overheads but can produce up to 75% more rental income and a ROI of 8% to 15%.


Here at Home Hub Southampton we base the majority of our business on helping HMO Landlords manage their difficult but high yielding properties. We generally operate within Southampton however we have branched out to places like Winchester, Portsmouth and Fareham. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a very stream lined, knowledgeable service which most other agents are not able to offer due mainly to a lack of knowledge when considering the ever changing HMO regulations.


Not only can we help you with the management side but we can also source, develop and create an excellent standard of property to start your HMO venture.


Please visit the "Landlords" page to find out more about what is included within our service.