• Make the most of the available space you have – no matter the size of your home. Do not put ‘stuff’ under beds, over cupboards, in every spare bit of space – give a feeling of light airiness and that there is plenty of space to store things in the cupboards etc available (and that you haven’t needed to use every nook and cranny to fit all your things into the property)... otherwise buyers will think there won’t be enough space to store their own things.
  • Remove all clutter so they can imagine themselves living in your property. Nobody will notice if there is a kettle or toaster missing from a kitchen worktop, but they will remember there was a not much kitchen worktop space.
  • Keep the garage free from clutter so buyers can imagine actually using it for a car.
  • Keep the house clean and tidy - clean the carpets, remove streaks from shower screens, ensure bathroom and kitchen tiles and grouting are clean, clean the windows. Deep clean it and show it in its absolute best light.



  • We know you may need to live at your property during this process, but it will be worth keeping it like a ‘show home’ until you have a sale agreed. As viewings may be at short notice, it is easier to keep the house like this during the entire viewings period than have to get everything sorted at the last minute.
  • Make sure the property is clutter free, clean and tidy at all times.
  • make sure the bins are empty and put the big bins out of sight if possible.
  • if it is summer open the windows.
  • Ensure there are no bad smells and if possible have some warming smells in the house like some coffee on the stove, or a beautiful scented candle (but not too overpowering).
  • Try and move pets outside for viewings if possible (and make sure their food, water and litter trays are out of sight for the viewing) or at least clean and tidy and out of the way.
  • Attention to detail – nicely folded towels, an organised shelf, a laid bed make all the difference.
  • Put the lights on, including those under kitchen worktops if you have them.
  • Fresh or potted flowers and plants brighten up a room no end.




  • Make sure the garden is presentable. Look out of your windows from all angles to the garden/s front and rear. Try and create something appealing to the eye. If the garden itself is not a feature, consider adding some big plants near to the house outside or some beautiful hanging baskets to catch the eye.
  • Cut back any overgrown trees and bushes, mow the lawn, sweep the path, remove the weeds, fix lose paving, clean garden furniture.
  • Remove old sheds or greenhouses.
  • Check the external paintwork and gutters.
  • The front door and porch: does the porch need any touch ups, would a new front door or garage door make the property look more fresh?



  • If you can afford professional photography it is worth getting. It will present your property in the best possible light.
  • We do 3D virtual tours as standard with all sole agency sales which means potential buyers have already virtually walked round your home before they even get to the front door! This means that when someone views your property they are just checking it is as good as they have already experienced when they walked round online. They are not going to be put off by something as they have already walked around the whole property.
  • For-sale boards are the simplest and most cost-effective method of advertising that you are looking to sell. Local buyers are not always scouring the internet but they may see your board and be interested and give us a call.
  • We are a very modern agency and do lots of social media advertising and we have found this to be extremely successful. Ask us about this.