repairs and maintenance including emergencies

All routine repairs should be reported on your tenant's property file account.


What to do in the case of an EMERGENCY if your property is managed by Home Hub Southampton:-

  • Ensure that you are experiencing a true emergency and that the issue cannot be resolved during our office open hours.
  • Please remember that if a contractor is called out as an emergency when a repair is not justified, you will be liable for all costs. 
  • An emergency is something that could not have been foreseen, and which could cause serious damage to the property. Please note:
    • If you smell gas or are worried about gas safety, you should call the National Gas Emergency Service Freephone number on 0800 111 999 at any time day or night.
    • At any time: if there is a fire call 999


  • Follow the emergency arrangements made by your landlord. For example if your Landlord has provided 24/7 insured maintenance/emergency cover (for example: British Gas Homecare, Homeserve or other insured product), then please contact the relevant service as per the details supplied. 


  • Take the following steps:


    • Broken Window: Please cover with wood, card, tape and black bags until first thing next working day. Remember never screw or glue the UPVC framework, damage to the frame will prevent a full repair and you will be charged for the frame which is considerably more expensive than just glass. Please note unless you have a crime number with the police and person has been charged for the damage you will be responsible for the repair as stated in the tenancy agreement. Each individual damage case is reviewed before a decision is made for whom to charge, landlord or tenant retrospectively.
    • Water Leak: If you have a leak please turn your water of at the mains stop tap and report on website or ring the office first thing the next working morning. We will arrange the repair.
    • Lock Out: If you are locked out you will be charged as per our Key Policy. You have to pay on arrival in order for us to open the premises, or alternatively wait for the next working morning and collect the spare keys from the office. Please note as per our key policy, that you are welcome to call a locksmith at any time, but this is at your OWN COST.


  • If you have read all the above and still need emergency assistance please telephone: 07830 637981. Please note that if the emergency is not justified or the problem is due to any act of negligence or responsibility of the tenant then you will be liable to reimburse the cost of the call out and any works carried out.